Job Forecast and Industry Outlook

Economic Modeling Specialists, Inc. compiles labor market information for a wide variety of occupation groups, including occupations in
which a web professional would work:

Their most recent EMSI report (2012) includes the following highlights with screen shots from the report below:

Additionally, on any given day, a search for "web development" or "web design" on within 100 miles of Ridgecrest, CA returns
approximately 75-100 open positions.

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Occupational Profiles

The State of California publishes occupational profiles, which provide information about average salaries, required education, projected job growth, working conditions, and required skills. Any of these occupations may include web design/development duties.

Soft Skills

In additional to technical and design skills, employers are seeking information technology workers who have strong "soft skills," meaning they communicate and collaborate with others effectivelly, they have a strong work ethic, and they present themselves professionally.

Although this survey is 10 years old, the trends hold true. On August 21, 2002, the World Organization for Webmasters (WOW) published an article entitled "New Study Optimistic for the Future of Web Professionals." In spite of the recent turbulence of the dot com industry, the Information Technology Association reports a positive economic outlook and an increased demand for web professionals. Among the statistics are the following: