DMA C107 - Computer Illustration with Illustrator

Course Description

This course enables students to develop computer illustration and design skills through visual design exercises and projects, including logos and marks, technical and creative illustration, package designs, and simple graphic communications. Students develop an awareness of various illustrative styles and genre. Students also develop proficiency through the intermediate level in the use of vector drawing application, Adobe Illustrator. No prior knowledge of the software is required.

Student Learning Outcomes

Course Requisites

Course Materials

You are required to obtain your software and textbook(s) prior to the start of the semester.


Adobe Illustrator CS6
(Note that the software does not come with the textbooks. You need a fully licensed application—a trial version will not suffice.)

You'll find the best academic prices for software at Order early to ensure you have your software by the start of class.


Please see the Cerro Coso online bookstore for required textbooks:

  1. Click the Textbooks navigation link.
  2. Select the Campus (Cerro Coso), the Term, the Department (DMA), the Course, and the Section. Then click Add Course. Repeat for each of your courses.
  3. Then click the View Textbook List button in the Review Your Courses box.
  4. In the next screen, you can add the books to your shopping cart, and place your order.
  5. You can order the book online through this site, or you can make note of the textbook and purchase it elsewhere. Be aware of the vendor's projected delivery time, and ensure that your book arrives prior to the start of class. If the book is backordered, choose another vendor that can deliver sooner. Training

Certain instructors require a (LinkedIn Learning) subscription as an option to online students, either as a supplement to a software tutorial textbook or as an option in leui of software tutorial textbook. For some courses, instructors are opting to use training instead of textbooks entirely. This subscription is $19.99 per month or $29.99 per month with access to practice files. The subscription can be canceled at the end of the course, making the total cost very comparable to many textbooks. Your instructor will let you know if this is required in the course syllabus.