Online Learning

All of Cerro Coso's degrees and certificates can be obtained entirely online. The online environment is an effective way to learn web design and related software. As a web design professional, this will be the environment in which you collaborate with clients and work, so completing your education online is excellent preparation for that.


Benefits of Online Learning

Course Environment

Learning Management System

Cerro Coso uses the Canvas learning management system for its courses. Canvas is designed to accommodate learning activities that are cognitively engaging and collaborative. The site architecture consists of a home page that contains weekly modules, which include all the relevant assignments and activities for the week. Everything that is needed for the week is 1-click away on the course home page. Students don't need to navigate through layers of content to find what they need, as is the case with learning management systems that other colleges use.

Skills for Successful Online Learning

Readiness for Online Learning

To be successful, online learners should exhibit the following characteristics:

Nationwide averages indicate that there is a 10-20% higher rate of attrition (drops or withdrawals) in online courses in general. This is because many students are not prepared for the discipline needed to participate regularly and manage their time well in order to meet deadlines. They also may lack a basic level of computer competency. Students who have little experience using computers should consider taking CSCI C070 Computer Literacy, to obtain this foundation. You can further assess your readiness for online learning by taking these self-quizzes.

Hardware, Software, Internet Connectivity

Software and System Requirements

The specific software and system requirements you need will vary from course to course. Please refer to the Classes page, and then follow the relevant link to the specific course page for information about the software and system requirements. The course pages also indicate the required textbook(s), learning outcomes, and other important information about the course.

It is strongly recommended that students have broadband Internet connectivity so they can take advantage of weekly live demonstrations provided in many classes. These demonstrations are optional, however, and students on dial-up can successfully complete our classes.